The Ancestors' Pride

The Purpose

The Purpose of the Ancestors' Pride Awards is to recognize women in our community breaking generational curses through one or more areas of our Healing Resources. 

The Winners will receive:

12 month contract to host popup shops at 40 Acres.

Vendor preference at all events.

The Criteria

Mental Health

It starts with your mind. You gotta determine you are worth more than you past and present state.

Physical Health

Self-Care is not optional. There is no more room for reasons why you can't take care of you.

Generation Curses are unspoken yet very loud. They control not only our outlook on life but ourselves. Breaking them is paramount in healing our community

Financial Health

HUSTLE. There is. no amount of budgeting that will make a single mom of 4 be able to live off of $10hr

Spiritual Health

It's beyond religion. Whether it's God or the Universe. Get your soul right with it. 


Generational Curses

The Nominees

Who They Are

Open 02 CARD BACK-01.jpeg

Lynn Speed

LMS Luxuries LLC


Clarissa "Classy" Taylor

Famous Faces

Commit-Get Fit-Health Coaching

Divine Cultural Store


Jeannae Amour

The Sipstahood Winery

Shanique Magee

JK Tax Services 


Theresa Parker

The Vegan Palate

Die'stancia Fobb

Miracles By Die'Stancia

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Masha Dell

Billo's Homestyle Caribbean Catering

Candace Joseph 

The Joseph Consulting Firm



6PM-7PM Guests Arrival/Photos

7PM Sharda's Welcome

7:15PM Dinner 

7:45PM Sharda's Address

8PM Awards Presentation

8:45PM Vendor Showcase

9:30PM Special Thanks