Image by Sebastian Unrau



Black girls go missing everyday and are dismissed as "troubled teens" instead of "teens in trouble". Hey Sis... is a program designed to specifically connect with the girls the community has dismissed as "fast".


The goal is to guide and educate not judge and control. We don't know what theses girls have been through but we do know that they aren ready for what the streets have to offer.

Confidential Safe Space

Sneaking out? just wanna be alone? walking to the store alone? You can do all those things safely with a safety check-in to our center that ensures you're safe without being in your business. No judgments, just safety.

Safe Space to Report Abuse

3 in 4 Black girls experience sexual abuse before the age if 18, so the chance that these "fast" girls are in those statistics are high. The likelihood that their abuser is a family member is even higher. We offering a safe space to report with the option to proceed however they feel comfortable.