Image by Sebastian Unrau

Healing Resources

Mental Health

The "Strong Black Woman" trope is powered by surviving never ending trauma. Therapy is hard enough but it's almost impossible to speak to someone who has no idea what it's like to be us. We have Black women mental health professionals hosting seminars to address mental health issues specific to our experiences and needs.

Financial Health

Hustle to get off welfare. There is no way to take care of multiple children with a job that pays $10/hour. The reality is that many of the women in our community don't have a support system and are doing it all on their own. This is where financial literacy, homeownership, and most importantly, side hustles come in! You can't heal if you are living at poverty's door.

Spiritual Health

It's beyond religion. The relationship between you and your maker or the universe is crucial to your soul's health. Your mind and body can't be healed if your soul isn't at peace. Meditation, prayer, yoga, and other practices will be taught is safe settings with professionals dedicated to healing.

Physical Health

Self-Care is not optional We will be connecting women with fitness, dietitians, and medical professionals who will educate and guide them to taking care of their body.