Image by Sebastian Unrau

Healing Harvest

The 5 Step program to Healing Generational Curses

Step1: Burn Your Fields

The first and hardest step in healing is identifying toxic behavior and people. You can't expect any seeds you sow to grow if the land they are planted on is toxic. Saying goodbye is never easy but keep in mind if it's not promoting growth its leading to death. Its time to start protecting your 40 Acres.

Step 2: Reorganize

This is the most important step: new land, new crops, and most importantly new boundaries. What and who will make it to your acreage? You cant always burn people out of your fields but you can reorganize the amount of space they take up and how much access they have to the rest of your fields.

Step 3: Plant the Seeds

This is the most exciting and inspiring stage. Your fields are clean and ready for you to plant your ideas, habits, and relationships that you want to see flourish.

Step 4: Work the fields

This stage is the hardest for some because this is the true test of accountability. You've burned all of your toxic relationships, habits, and set the appropriate boundaries so all your energy is now available to put the necessary work in. This where you exercise those boundaries you set up, where you identify and eliminate any weeds trying to grow with your crops as well as those predators trying to eat your crops before they are ready for harvest.

Step 5: Harvest Your Crops

Harvest Season!!! The work is not over! The days are longer and the nights are shorter as you make those final steps to feast on the fruits of your labors. Those same seeds you sowed are now fully grown crops ready to harvest and feasted upon! Congratulations!